Food Guide For Labrador Retriever- Keep Him Healthy and Joyful.

Labrador retriever health

When looking for the best dog food guide for Labrador Retriever, it’s important to choose a food that’s safe for your pet’s age. That’s because Labrador retriever are considered a family friends dogs.

Labrador Retriever puppies have a higher risk of developing a devastating form of canine overweight unless they’re fed a dog food that’s designed to be safe for  puppies.

Keep in mind, Labrador Retriever puppies don’t stop growing and aren’t ready to eat adult dog food until they reach 12 to 24 months of age.3

Intelligent, lovable, loyal and beautiful these are few of the common traits of a Labrador Retriever. From being a fantastic family dog to learning tricks easy and fast, Labrador Retriever are those who will always be by your side. They can overweight easily  breed and require a lot of nutrition and exercise to stay healthy and happy.

If you plan to bring home a Labrador Retriever puppy, you need to understand that you will have to take proper care of its diet and workout sessions. This breed needs good protein to balance its energy level. You may also opt for reduced fat food that suits your pup also not forget to check full guide about Caring Of Labrador.

Our Labrador Retriever puppy will not require a very high-quality Nutrition specially protein as he grows. We will also realize that as our puppy turns into an adult, the apatite reduces so some tips how to choose best dog food.

From birth to one and half months, only its mother feeding is required,no other food should be given to our Labrador Retriever puppy.After this we can start some semi solid foods.Water must be given 3 to 4 times in a day.

Under a normal scenario, we should stop giving puppy food to their Labrador Retriever when they reach 10 to 12 months. However, when to end the puppy food also depends on the growth rate of each puppy. It is advisable to visit a vet to keep a check on the puppy’s growth.

What Diet Plan for a Growing Labrador Retriever ?

0 - 1 Months

Bringing a big breed dog Labrador Retriever requires a right amount of protein. Labs are unique because of their digestive system,Their digestive system not up to the marks,so We should througly work on it. However, as they grow, you need to take proper care of its diet.

Feed small quantities via feeding bottle roughly 100ml trice a day.

No solid food should be given in this time period

Mother milk is best at this age group. 

1 - 3 Months

This is second stage of there growing As they grew ,Labrador Retriever need more nutrients for their stong bones and their shiney hairs..we should avoid those food  which are not easly digestible.

Feed twice roughly 150gm -200gm in each meal.Total 350gms per day.

Home made food,Curd rice for proper Nutrition

Boneless chicken Water 3 to 4 times per day

Introduce dry puppy food – needs 4 to 5 feeding per day. Never indulge in overeating, as upset their tummy.

3 - 4 Months

All commercial dog foods feature feeding guidelines specific to their food on the package label. Consequently, there is no gold standard for how much to feed your dog — it will vary between foods since each contains a different caloric value.At this stage we should strart solid food  also. 

Stater food like pedigree,Royal canin

Food which are rich in omega 3 and other nutrients.

For shiny hair and strong bones,boiled meat can be given.

Water 3 to 4 times per day

4 - 6 Months

When developing a diet for your Lab, you have several things to consider, most importantly, what type of food will it consist of, how much of it will you feed your dog on a daily basis, and at what intervals If you feed her a commercial kibble, should you select one that’s breed-specific, or an all-breed one? Some dog foods are specific to the dog’s stage of life, such as adult or senior.

Boiled rice with Egg(2-3 times in week).

Boiled bones and chicken,Dog food

No Raw meat,pork or beef.

Reduce feeding time to 3 times a day and increase the proportion of food. Feed them home made fresh food. Do not give them raw meat. Do take out the bones, as it might harm the pup.

6 - 12 Months

Along with health food diet plan we should also make a proper training and exercise schedule and vaccination also to prrevent him from overweight and health issues.

Vegetable,fruits and home cooked food,good for his energy level.

Calcium tablets and all other foods.

No spicy food and chillies 

No milk and milk related product.

Reduce feeding time to 2 times a day and increase the proportion furthermore. Let them have some shatterproof bones, like in strengthening their teeth. And do not forget to give them the required protein.

What types of food should be given to Labrador Retriever ?

Labrador Retriever dogs are heavy when turns into adults They love physical exercise and stay active most of the time.

Due to their overweight nature, these dogs require a nutrition packed diet.

Non Veg Foods

Boiled chicken and rice

Boiled Eggs.

Beef balls/beef stew

Fish-Salmon, tuna, rohu  or tilapia

Organs such as Liver should be included in the diet in a small quantity.

Yogurt. Keffir. Cottage and Ricotta Cheese

Veg Foods

Boiled sweet potato

Potato, carrot, ginger

Fruits and boiled vegetable

Avoid Cirtric fruits.

Very little salt for taste.

Green veggies including parsley, celery, and parsnips.


There are several advantages of choosing home-cooked food for your Lab’s. This way you can keep track of what goes into your Pet’s stomach. If you want to go for commercial food, we recommend you feed a mixture of dry and wet.

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